New Site Blog!

out_now_ad11Ladies and gentlemen, foreign dignitaries and honorary Gingham county residents (Gingham countlevanians?), welcome to my new site. I’d call it a blog but it’s so darn tiny. Let’s call it a bloglet. And what better way to start off a new bloglet than with an exciting announcement? At long last, a new book is on the way. No, it is not a Wiley and Grampa book. Grampa is sitting on a beach in his zebra print speedos in Bermuda, sipping Shirley Temples and munching on pork cracklins’. Something far more exciting is on the horizon. Something green, something fuzzy, something fozzie. To everyone who is a Muppet expert, Muppet at heart, has a thing for chickens, or is just a Muppet fan (if you aren’t, please seek immediate help) I’m happy to announce my new book, Tales of a Sixth-Grade Muppet, Yaaaaay! It comes out September 5th. Renowned critics Statler and Waldorf have already declared it “A collection of words and illustrations that works beautifully . . . as a door stop! Ha! Ha! Ha! ”

It’s been a crazy development, getting to work with characters that influenced and molded (some might say “warped”) my tiny brain as a child. The Muppets were up there with Star Wars, Spielberg, Mad Magazine, and Shel Silverstein as my greatest influences. Being asked to write a Muppet book is like having Mick Jagger hand you a microphone and say, “Let’s jam together, mate.” Or for you youngsters out there-it’s like having Justin Bieber hand you his favorite hoodie and say, “Let’s drop some fat lyrics, yo.” Wait, I think I just insulted Mick Jagger and the Muppets in one fell swoop.

So a new book, a new bloglet-things are good. Stay tuned for more announcements, Gingham County updates, Muppet news flashes, and maybe a contest or two. We’ll turn this bloglet into a full-fledged blog yet!